January 25, 2013

Ladies of Tampa: The (Ecstatic, Exurberant) Women of MAGIC MIKE

Washboard abs. Male butts in thong underwear. Male sexuality being worshiped by women in a playful, consensual environment (and men loving it). Magic Mike is something of a mainstream movie miracle in regards to gender relations. Simply the amount of naked male flesh in this film makes me wanna pen feminist odes to Steven Soderbergh. But perhaps my favorite part of Magic Mike isn't the skin, so much as the reactions to this hidden world of male stripping. Most of these reactions mix surprise and disbelief with the expected excitement and titillation. I know for a fact the accuracy of these faces--it's what theatrical audiences looked and sounded like when the film was released last summer.

So, please, enjoy the feminine side of Magic Mike. "Laaadies of Tampaaa..."



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